2008 - "Caligari 2.0"
Don't ask your government to do what you should do: it's your NO!
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... footnotes: 2007 -- NEW Millennium Year, according to Ethiopians and many other non-western calendars, including lunar... read my "2007" pages [notes for myself & menu.07]

Do I have to explain (where) I made so many pages and continue to make "2008" webpages? Not even in the WRITE directory?

Do I dare to write about the metaphysics of that number "2007"?

If I would be a writer...

But I am not.


Looking back -- what was this year?

For me?

Forty years ago I did not know anything about what is ahead, I had my hopes that I remember as old dreams, harly. Do I remember last week, last day?

When did my life become work?

What can I remember?

I know that I do not want more new faces and simply "news" -- I want to say what I lived through. This "unprocessed" experience is a burden, no, I am in search of the passing time, I want to think about I lived through...

Life is a shock, you do not feel it -- it's too much to comprehend, to find your own reactions to what is outside and inside...

What was this "2007"?

I ask the same question of me-webmaster. It's easier.

My teaching is easy too -- workload.

What is MY year?


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