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2009 : teatr.us -- lul.vtheatre.net

... two months after UAF.

web.filmplus.org/2009 -- do I need to update my pages in 2010?

I have my "working space"...

Webmaster can retire.


Thanks and so long.

What can stop me from writing? Me.

How much do I need it now?

I do not need it for any practical reason...

Pure -- right time to do it, man!


antohins (in Russian)
Well, now?

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No more writing in Russian?

... plays.vtheatre.net/2009 -- Lul scripts

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{ 2009 }

last days in USA Write for LUL Theatre -- play.vtheatre.net ?

Nonfiction writing?

dreams.vtheatre.net [Project Utopia]

stagematrix.vtheatre.net -- theory I had no time while teaching.



And all is... not real writing.

I go back to my "books" -- I needed to stay focus for Lul, at least. * Use http://vtheatre.net to link to Virtual Theatre pages!


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From diaries to WRITE (directory):

No more ambitions as a writer?

I still would like to write well, but it's nothing, nothing but secondary wish. Write about right "things" is important.

Not to write about wrong subjects.