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Do you know that writing is illegal?

Good writing, I mean.

Bad writing is rewarded.

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2009 & After

... first summer after my retirement. I am sixty.

What do I write? Theatre Lul Academe pages.

"3-year-paln" for my Ethiopia "project"...

Anatoly.ORG turns into Anatoly.ET


"texts" -- what an ugly word!

I feel that lived through life surrounded by ugliness. Both my lives.

Especially, the words, what I heard, what was said...

In two-three years of my intense reading [teenager], I had so much beauty -- and other fifty years?

I am alive because of memory of that time.

How will it go now?

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I did it again!



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Writing in Russian: plays

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After HamletDreams I thought I will be working on Hamlet2002, the webshow... but instead for over two months I am writing Russian hyperdrama (in Russian -- http://write.vtheatre.net/r/title.html).

A few years ago I tried this drama-novel (Folding, one of the six one-acts @ http://afronord.tripod.com/plays/folding.html), but I did it in the old linear style (the same problem I have with Shakespeare). So, now I want to arranged the texts in such a way that dynamics between control over spectator and his control over the narrative could be balanced. There are only two characters in the play from the present, the rest (6) are from the past, future and even eternity -- the conflict is in clashes of times (although the scenes in each time level are rather simple, a la Chekhov).

Well, here is the dramatic challenge for virtual theatre: is the plot focused of each character, themes, events? All together? So, for now I keep it as the open text: the story could be seen from each character's POV... Eight stories? (Kurosawa) More?

Since I write about myself (left all the names and events as is -- biodrama), there are three of us (Son, Tolya [me-in the sixties] and Anatoly [me-now, from the future, since the story takes place in 1994). It would be nice to give each of the three equal centrality, but maybe it's impossible, maybe my monological mind resists (I wanted simply to take Chekhov principle of "no big or small parts" further), nevertheless, the web version of the play keeps growing, but the traditional "final draft" is not near.

Looks, like the Russians got confused, when I will get to Moscow, because I want to finish the script first...

I need to take a serious look at the (new) drama itself in order to think clear about vtheatre...

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2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov
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Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )

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My "Russian" 2005 Summer is over. "Russian" -- because I wrote about the Russian past (in Russian)... My webbing is not over?

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