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Book of Self
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Книга "Я" потеряна (еще одна).

Восстанавливать нет сил.

... Media in vita in morte sumus. (In the middle of life we are surrounded by death.) - quoted in Biedermann (s.v. skeleton.)


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antohins (in Russian)
2007 -- год спустя.

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Russian Book 1975 - 2005: Lost Manuscript * Потерянная Жизнь








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Book of Spectator and Virtual Theatre


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SELF -- Notes for Anatoly-Writer

I and MetaMe
... Not only I couldn't write for several hour or correct, I could not read it!

Every time I glance at the page, any page, I feel a shame -- and being shamed. Why didn't I put the labor in this line? Why the picture, the image isn't finished? An the missing parts? I see that something is missing!

I can't even start the story! Three-four layers of introduction! I can do it only AFTER the story began!

Do I have to comment again on every chapter? I already have the NOTES directory!


Part I. Father

Part II. Son

Part III. Ghost


Stories. From the First Love to the Last, the most dramatic. Tragic? Death. From a teenager to an old man. Or the reverse?

Father is the most sexually charged out of the three?

Son is tempted, Spirit is an Artist.


I didn't know that I will be writing about women when I began this project. I thought it will be in POV, not in Self. Why am I surprised? My gradmoothers, my mother, my sister -- I should know that woman waits for me, but I didn't see them as women.

What I don't remember is the hurt. Strange.
I know that it was there, that I suffered, but when I try to find it, I don't see it. Why my mind have none of it?

I don't see any evil even when my heart was broken. It was love, any love makes you alive.
What did I learn from each? Younger and older, the world welcomed me, the singing place.

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PS. MetaMe and I files are not in the main SELF directory (only here)!

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Applications of SELF for Acting and Directing: Theatre Theory (see The Book of Spectator and Virtual Theatre).

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* "Angelic" nature of virtual reality (Hamlet as angel, of Demon Hamlet)

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